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North Carolina Department of Transportation officials announced that nearly 1,800 drivers across the state were arrested over the July Fourth holiday period. DOT officials say the huge number of arrests were the result of an important collaboration between the Governor’s Highway Safety Program and state DOT.

Car Keys Charlotte North Carolina DUI DWI Criminal Defense Attorney Lawyer.jpgThe campaign was an attempt by law enforcement officials to make the Independence Day holiday a safe one for North Carolinians. Though police officers say they always watch for drunk drivers, the push was especially intense over the holiday weekend because the Fourth of July is often the deadliest holiday for motorists each year. According to AAA, 20 of the 36 traffic deaths that occurred last year in North Carolina were linked to alcohol use.

The cooperation between the two organizations, officially known as “Operation Firecracker,” led to 1,737 arrests in the days surrounding the Fourth of July. Though this is certainly an enormous number of arrests, it is actually less than the haul last year. DOT officials said last year law enforcement officers arrested just under 2,000 people on drunk driving charges over the July fourth period.

The huge number of arrests over the period is partially due to the increased enforcement efforts and partially due to the presence of alcohol at many summer holiday gatherings. Grilling and drinking often go hand-in-hand and many find a nice way to cool down during such hot weather is to have a cold alcoholic beverage. While this is perfectly fine, it’s critical that you make plans in advance to find a safe way home, either designating a person to stay sober and drive or calling a cab. Doing so avoids the big headache that follows a DWI arrest in North Carolina.

If you’re pulled over and charged with drunk driving in North Carolina this summer, it is essential that you contact a skilled Charlotte, NC criminal defense attorney to help you with your case. Even first time offenders face serious penalties including license revocation, fines, court fees, dramatic increases in insurance payments and possibly even jail time. In cases where the BAC of a driver is above a certain threshold you may even be required to purchase and use and ignition interlock device.

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