Charlotte, NC Crime Rate Drops

Post #1 criminal image 1.24.12.pngAccording to a recent report on, the crime rate in Charlotte has dropped to its lowest level in more than 20 years. The police department released crime statistics for the year 2011 and they revealed that the homicide rate dropped 6.8% from the previous year. In 2010, there were 59 homicides in the city of Charlotte, but in 2011, there were only 55 homicides in Charlotte. The homicide rate for 2011 is the lowest the rate has been since 1988. As a result, the overall crime index has also gone down 7.1%. There was also a substantial decrease in property and violent crimes the last calendar year. Property crimes went down nearly 8% while violent crimes decreased by just over 2%.

The Chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department attributes the success to a strong working relationship with the Office of the District Attorney. Chief Rodney Monroe said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better relationship with the District Attorney’s Office that sees things as we do… The priorities [of] making sure that we focus on the right people, mak[ing] sure we receive stiffer sentences for individual who are committing crimes, as well as not randomly letting people out of jail… [that] we arrest.”

The victory is not complete because not all of the crime categories saw a decrease. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police actually reported a 4% increase in aggravated assaults. In addition, even though crime as a whole went down, when the statistics were broken down by individual divisions, some of those individual divisions saw an actual increase in crime. This simply signifies to the Chief that there is still work to do. “We’re always looking for ways to do things better, whether it’s in communications, on the street, [or] whether it’s in the DA’s office,” Chief Monroe told WBTV.

For the Chief it seems that he has found something that is working. He has vowed not to implement new strategies, but to continue to build on what was working to get this significant drop in crime. “Rather than trying to develop new strategies and with the DNC coming up –let’s try what we’ve been successful on and see if we can take this to a new level.”

While Charlotte’s decreased crime rate is definitely a benefit to the city at large, the measures being used to ensure that criminal defendants remain behind bars may raise some concerns for Charlotte criminal defense attorneys. As such, it is important that individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the law in any situation retain the services of a skilled Charlotte criminal defense attorney who will assist them in mounting a defense against the charges. If you or someone you know require the services of a Charlotte criminal defense attorney, please do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC for a free consultation at 1-704-370-2828.

Homicide rate hits lowest point in 23 years

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