DNC Brings Crowds But Few Arrests

According to a report out of WBTV, the recently released After-Action Report by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police revealed a relatively sedate Democratic National Convention (DNC) took place this year in Charlotte; certainly calmer than authorities had feared.

Charlotte Police consider their presence during the Convention a success, pointing out that there were no major incidents in Center City or any of the other 12 patrol divisions in the department. Post #1 criminal image 9-6.jpg

This doesn’t mean the festivities went off without a hitch, as there were several demonstrations in the city throughout the week. These gathering did cause a few disruptions of both pedestrians and traffic, but nothing major was reported. Given the huge crowds that descended upon Charlotte for the week, the scant 25 arrests made during the week of the DNC were much less than some feared.

Charlotte police officials have announced that all but one of those arrested lives outside the Charlotte area. Their After-Action Report broke down the arrest incidents, including the number and cause of each. They included:

• 16 arrests for impeding traffic
• 3 arrests for disorderly conduct
• 2 arrests for failure to disperse
• 1 arrest for breaching a police line
• 1 arrest for dispersal of noxious substance
• 1 arrest for carrying a concealed weapon
• 1 arrest for damage to property
The police report credits the overall success of the Convention to the department’s cooperation with the Secret Service as well as a host of other regional emergency operations departments.

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Police: 25 people arrested during the DNC,” by Jessica Sells, published at WBTV.com.

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