NC Woman Robs Bank After Giving Her Name And Account Information

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In a bizarre criminal law case out of Salisbury, North Carolina, police say one would-be bank robber made a series of mistakes that led to her being quickly apprehended. The woman, Tara Jean Vaughn, started off on the wrong foot by robbing the Wood Forest Bank branch inside a Wal-Mart where she has an account, meaning the workers were already familiar with Ms. Vaughn.

Cash in envelope Charlotte DWI Lawyer North Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney.jpgAccording to a police report, Vaughn arrived at the bank around 8:30 in the morning on Monday, but discovered the branch was not yet open. She then left the store and returned at around 5 p.m. Vaughn then approached a teller and asked him about getting a pack of starter checks. Vaughn then gave the teller her name and mentioned that she had an existing account with the bank.

After divulging such crucial identifying information, Vaughn then curiously chose to rob the branch, telling the bank employee that she had a gun and wanted his money. Vaughn was at least polite during the robbery, apologizing and explaining that she didn’t want to shoot the man. Vaughn then placed her purse on the counter and instructed the teller to fill the bag up with money from the cash drawer. The teller did place some money inside the purse, though police have not yet revealed how much Vaughn was able to get away with.

Police say that Vaughn then fled the store, but was arrested only a few hours later. She is now charged with armed robbery, despite never actually brandishing the weapon, and is being held on a $50,000 bond.

The case involving Vaughn confirms what many criminal defense experts have long said, robbing banks only rarely proves profitable. The average American bank robbery nets the criminal only $4,330, a figure that does not calculate the risks involved in such a brazen robbery. Numbers show that a full one-third of attempted bank robberies failed, often resulting in lengthy prison terms, thus further diminishing any expected payout.

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