Double Jeopardy in North Carolina

Charlotte Criminal Lawyer Brad Smith answers the question: “I was found not guilty of a charge, buy my record still shows the charge. What is going on?”


Imagine being charged with a crime, going through the entire trial process, being found not guilty, and still being worried about the prosecution bringing the charges against you again. Fortunately, the United States court system is set up in a way that a defendant can not be charged twice for the same crime. This is called double jeopardy. You may have heard this term before, but let us take a deeper dive into understanding the concept and what it actually means for North Carolina residents.


arrested-Police-arrest-Charlotte-Monroe-Lake-Norman-Crimina-Defense-Lawyer-150x150arrested-Police-arrest-Charlotte-Monroe-Lake-Norman-Crimina-Defense-Lawyer-150x150The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitutions protects individuals from being prosecuted more than once for the same charge or crime. In court, double jeopardy would be considered a defense in a criminal trial. However, double jeopardy does not apply in all situations and there are specific criteria that must be met before double jeopardy applies. In order for the defense of double jeopardy to apply, it must first “attach.”


Attaching Double Jeopardy


Double jeopardy attaches to a crime at certain times. The court system and the progress of the case determines when the attachment occurs.


  • Superior Court: A case that is being heard in superior court has double jeopardy attaches after the jury had been chosen and sworn in. Additionally, if a defendant enters in a guilty plea and the judge accepts the plea, double jeopardy attaches.
  • District Court: A case in district court will have double jeopardy attach when the judge starts hearing evidence.


Applying Double Jeopardy


After understanding the timing of double jeopardy attaching, it is important to know the situations in which double jeopardy applies. The following are the more common situations in which double jeopardy applies:


  • After being prosecuted for a crime and being found not guilty, or acquitted of the crime, the defendant can not be prosecuted for that crime after being acquitted.
  • If a defendant is found guilty of the crime, they can not be charged with the same crime again.
  • The same conviction can not have two punishments.


The above is not a complete list of situations when double jeopardy applies, but common instances.


What About Mistrials?


Sometimes during court proceedings, a mistrial is declared. This can be for various reasons and only in certain instances does double jeopardy attach. Mistrials that are declared because of a manifest necessity does not mean double jeopardy attaches; the case can be heard again. Manifest necessity means the defendant’s right to a fair trial outweighs the public interest of the case. A common example of this is if the jury is unable to come to a conclusion, the case may be heard again. Additionally, a mistrial that is the result of a motion from the defendant does not usually attach double jeopardy.


There are instances in which double jeopardy applies with a mistrial. If there is prosecutorial misconduct or judicial misconduct, double jeopardy will usually attach and the case can not be heard again.


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