Do Police Need a Warrant to Conduct a Drone Search?

Charlotte DWI Lawyer Brad Smith answers the question: “Can the police search my car without a warrant?”


As technology advances, so do law enforcement’s methods of obtaining evidence and solving crimes. Law enforcement officers today are able to conduct searches using drones, which can fly over land and collect video footage and photos. The police often use drones to find missing or stolen property. Recently, a lawsuit arose after police officers flew a drone over private property to find stolen construction equipment.


Drone-Camera-Charlotte-Monroe-Lake-Norman-Criminal-Defense-Lawyer-300x225According to a news report by WRAL, police in Johnston County used a drone to obtain video footage of stolen property after receiving a tip about stolen construction equipment. The police flew a drone over the private property of the man who was arrested and charged with the crime. There are questions about whether a search warrant was granted that contained permission for the police to use a drone. Did the police need a search warrant to fly over private property? Is the drone use permissible under North Carolina law?


North Carolina does have laws in place regarding police using drone footage in executing searches. According to the “restrictions on use of unmanned aircraft systems” statute, police are permitted to “conduct surveillance in an area that is within a law enforcement officer’s plain view when the officer is in a location the officer has a legal right to be.” If law enforcement has obtained a search warrant that permits the use of a drone, it is permissible to conduct their search. Additionally, if police believe that there is a threat of immediate danger, evidence will be destroyed, or a suspect will escape, the use of a drone without the search warrant is permissible.


In general, a warrantless search by drone is not permitted in North Carolina, except in certain circumstances. In the case of the stolen construction property, there are two main questions that need to be analyzed in determining if the police acted property in obtaining the drone footage. First, a question could be raised as to whether or not this should be considered surveillance under the statute because it was more of a one-time flyover and not a continuous observation. Second, a question could be raised as to whether or not the plain view exception is applicable in this situation. The answers to these questions lie within the location of the drone operator and what he or she was able to see within plain view during the time of the surveillance.


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