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Charlotte Criminal Lawyer Brad Smith answers the question: “What are the long term effects of being convicted of a crime?”

It is unsurprising that the general population is hesitant about having those who have been convicted of sex crimes re-enter society. Therefore, there are a variety and programs that have been set up to monitor offenders and even keep them out of certain areas, like schools. In North Carolina, there is another option, satellite-based monitoring (SBM). Depending on the level or severity of the sex crime of which a defendant is convicted, in North Carolina there is an SMB program into which some offenders must enter. There has been contention over SMB and when it is a reasonable part of a defendant’s sentence. Issues have arisen regarding whether SMB is a reasonable search that the Fourth Amendment grants. The court of appeals examined these issues in State v. Griffin.

J. Bradley Smith of Arnold & Smith, PLLC answers the question: “What are the long term effects of being convicted of a crime?”

Most employers understand that if there are problems with workplace safety they could face some serious and potentially expensive consequences. Injuries to employees can lead to higher workers’ compensation premiums, money spent on litigation and, should the Occupational Safety and Health Administration catch wind of the trouble, serious fines and other enforcement action. Additionally, employers can suffer serious reputational damage, among both employees and customers, if workers suffer harm due to lapses in workplace safety.