Three Types of Ignition Interlock Device Violations in North Carolina

Charlotte Criminal Lawyer Brad Smith answers the question: “Why is it important to hire a DWI lawyer quickly after being charged with a DWI?”


The state of North Carolina has one of the most robust ignition interlock device (IID) programs in the country. For this reason, you may be required to install an IID in your vehicle after a DUI conviction. Always refer to the court order terms and conditions of the interlock device use, because if you do not follow the rules, you can face further legal trouble. If law enforcement charges you with an interlock violation, discuss the matter with a North Carolina DUI attorney right away to ensure your rights are protected.

car-ignition-interlock-Charlotte-Lake-Norman-Monroe-DWI-DUI-Lawyer-300x237Were you charged with an ignition interlock device violation for any of the reasons below? Here are a few common ways one may violate the terms of its use:


Not Attending the Ignition Interlock Installation Appointment


People are caught for this violation most often when they forgo installing the device altogether. Since there is often a generous grace period after the issuance of a court order, a judge usually is not happy to see this requirement violated.

It is viewed as an easy fulfillment whether or not your circumstances are tough. It is imperative that you install the device as ordered. However, extenuating conditions may allow you to request an extension. Do not delay, or it may be too late.


Bypassing the Ignition Interlock Device


The courts can charge you with violating your court order if you drive someone else’s vehicle without an interlock device or have someone else “blow” into it for you so you can drive while intoxicated.

In the eyes of the court, judges construe this behavior as a deliberate and willful act. A hearing will be scheduled to address the violation. He or she may add charges to your current DUI sentence.


Attempting to Drive While Over the Legal Limit


It is common for courts to order DUI offenders to abstain from alcohol during the sentence fulfillment period. Whether this is true for you or not is only a matter of severity in punishment.

If the device indicates that you were above the legal limit, it is considered to be a violation; even if you did not know you were intoxicated. The device transmits the data to law enforcement, and consequences will ensue.


Fighting Ignition Interlock Device Charges


Just because the justice system charges you with a crime does not mean you are automatically guilty. If you did not intentionally or knowingly break the law, you might have a fighting chance depending upon the circumstances and evidence gathered against you.

You do not have to take bogus interlock violations charges laying down. Consider hiring a criminal defense attorney to help you fight your charges.


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