What Should I Do After an Arrest?

2-1024x1024What Should I Do After an Arrest?

If you were arrested for a crime, you may be worried and afraid, especially if this is your first arrest. The legal system can seem daunting, and you may feel completely alone and terrified. You do not want to do anything that could damage your case and cause you further harm. Yet, you want to try to help your case and hopefully get yourself out of hot water. If you have been arrested or detained, you will want to seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you through the process and protect your rights.


Listen to Law Enforcement

Your first reaction upon getting arrested or detained is to become angry or upset. However irritated you may be, it is in your best interest to stay calm and follow the directions of officers. If you argue, fight, or try to get away, you will probably be charged with additional offenses. Instead, be as cooperative as possible. You must provide law enforcement with your name and driver’s license if they ask for it. If you respect the police, they will treat you fairly and help you through the arrest process.


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Exercise Your Rights

As a citizen of the United States, you have some important Fifth Amendment rights that you will want to exercise if you are arrested. You have the right to remain silent. Do not speak to police about the details of the case, even if you feel you are innocent of the charges. Instead, seek advice from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. It is your right to speak to your lawyer. Tell the police officer that you wish to talk to your lawyer before you answer any questions. The police must stop questioning you until your attorney is present.



Document the Details of Your Arrest

It is extremely important to remember the details of your arrest. Your attorney will review the situation to determine whether the police followed the law. If mistakes were made, your attorney may be able to exclude some evidence from your case. When evidence gets excluded, it could make prosecuting you more difficult and could even result in dropping the charges. Relate all details about your arrest to your attorney so they can identify any matters that could be helpful in getting your charges reduced or dismissed.


Know the Penalties You Face if Convicted.

The penalties for a criminal conviction can be severe. You could be facing a jail sentence, fines, community service, and more if you are found guilty of a crime. Any conviction, including misdemeanor or felony, could have a negative impact on your life for years in the future. It is in your best interest to vigorously fight the charges and defend your rights. A skilled criminal defense attorney will defend the charges and help you get the best possible outcome for your case. If you or a loved one was arrested, do not delay. Call us immediately at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, at (704) 370-2828 to discuss the details of your case.






The criminal defense attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC make it their mission to zealously defend their clients on a wide range of criminal matters at both the state and federal levels. These matters may include any charge from traffic offenses; DWI/DUI; drug charges (from simple possession to possession with intent to distribute and trafficking); gun permit denials; weapons offenses; and property crimes (larceny, breaking and entering, robbery, fraud, embezzlement, white collar offenses); to sexually related offenses (indecent exposure; sexual assault, crimes against nature, removal from sex offender registry); and violent crimes (domestic violence; assault; manslaughter; homicide, murder). Other legal issues that Arnold & Smith, PLLC criminal clients may be facing include restraining orders, restraining order and probation violations, expungements; appeals; and immigration issues related to criminal charges. Our criminal defense attorneys are passionate about ensuring that individuals empower themselves by being informed about their constitutional rights and stand at the ready to fight in the defense of those facing criminal charges.



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