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Charlotte DWI Lawyer Brad Smith answers the question: What are the long term effects of being convicted of a crime?


Former Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon found himself back in federal court in Charlotte last Thursday, where he faced the same federal district court judge who sentenced him to 44 months in prison last month.

Ballot Box Charlotte Mecklenburg DWI Lawyer North Carolina Criminal AttorneyJudge Frank Whitney told Cannon he embarrassed the city by accepting bribes in the mayor’s office and then embarrassed the city again by voting in this year’s elections.

Cannon cast his votes on October 30 at Community House Middle School, records show. In the State of North Carolina, persons convicted of felonies are ineligible to vote.

The United States Attorney argued that Cannon was a sophisticated voter and should have known that he had been stripped of his voting rights. The government asked that Cannon’s bond be revoked and that he be placed in custody immediately.

Judge Whitney agreed that Cannon had violated the terms of his bond but declined to place Cannon in immediate federal custody. Instead, Cannon will be fitted with an electronic monitoring device and will be confined under house arrest until he reports to a minimum security federal prison in West Virginia at the end of the year.

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Attorney J. Bradley Smith answering the question: “What are the long term effects of being convicted of a crime?”


If you or someone you know is facing a criminal matter, it can be confusing to know how best to move forward. Though you might have a vague idea of how the criminal justice system functions, there are likely all kinds of issues that you have questions about. Bail is a good example of an issue that most people have heard of, but may not fully understand. To find out more about how bail works in a North Carolina case, keep reading.


Question Mark Charlotte Mecklenburg DWI Lawyer North Carolina Criminal AttorneyWhat is bail?


First things first, what is bail? Bail is a system that allows criminal defendants to be released from jail in exchange for money that the court holds onto until the case is over. The money is held as a kind of guarantee that the person will not run off. If you flee, then the money you paid is forfeited and you will face additional charges when you are eventually caught.


How does it work?


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Attorney J. Bradley Smith answering the question: “If I simply intend to plead guilty, why do I need a lawyer?”


If you have been arrested for a crime in North Carolina, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, you are likely confused about how to move forward. You may wonder if it is best to simply represent yourself, perhaps saving both time and money by handling the case on your own. For more information about the benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney, keep reading.


Man staring Charlotte Mecklenburg North Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer North Carolina AttorneyExperience


One of the most important reasons that hiring a North Carolina criminal defense lawyer can be such a good idea is the lawyer has seen the inside of courtrooms so often that he or she knows what to expect. Not only do experienced lawyers have relationships with judges, but they also usually good relationships with prosecutors and are able to effectively work together while handling your case. This kind of built-in knowledge is invaluable when facing the prospect of serious criminal penalties.


Knowledge of the law


A reason that many people choose to hire a lawyer to handle their case is they are quickly overwhelmed by North Carolina criminal codes. The sheer volume of laws and regulations, let alone court procedures, scare most people away from handling their own cases. We recently wrote an article about the overwhelming number of laws that North Carolina has and how their scope is viewed by some as a restriction of basic freedom.  Criminal defense lawyers tackle seemingly complex laws on a daily basis and spent years in school preparing to handle cases just like yours.

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