Charlotte Police Creates Map of Violent Crime ‘Hot Spots’ in the City

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After 108 homicides in Charlotte last year, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department prepared a map of violent crime “hot spots” in the city. The map was shown to members of the Charlotte City Council. The department told council members that it would use all available data to address crime as a public health issue. However, CMPD also complained that it would not be able to lower violent crime on its own, as reported by WFAE.

Interestingly, the map of violent crime “hot spots” in Charlotte showed that most such crimes are occurring in the so-called crescent of lower-income neighborhoods in the west, north, and east of uptown.


hearst-tower-Charlotte-Monroe-Mooresville-Criminal-Defense-Lawyer-300x200Four Worst Violent Crime Hot Spots in Charlotte

The department pinpointed four worst hot spots in Charlotte:

  • Sugar Creek Road and Interstate 85
  • Beatties Ford Road and LaSalle Street
  • Central Avenue and North Sharon Amity Road
  • Nations Ford Road and Arrowood Road

In three of those areas, there were 14 killings in 2019, though the Central Avenue area had no homicides. Although these four areas account for less than 1% of Charlotte’s landmass, they comprised a staggering 8% of violent crime last year.

The police identified 13 hotels and motels in the Sugar Creek Road cluster as the biggest culprit behind violent crimes in the areas. According to CMPD Deputy Chief Gerald Smith, prostitution, which remains a major problem in the area, contributes to secondary crimes, such as assault and robbery.

Smith also said that Hispanics are often targeted for armed robbery in the Arrowood Road area, though many crimes in the area may not be reported due to communication barriers. The same can be said about the Central Avenue corridor, which has seen high numbers of armed robberies in the area in recent years.

As for the Beatties Ford Road/LaSalle area, there has been a large amount of drug dealing, according to CMPD, while the homeless population is believed to contribute to the high crime rate.


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