What Questions Should I Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney?

2What Questions Should I Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When you have been charged with a crime, you want to take the charges seriously. If convicted of a crime, you may face a number of penalties that could even include a jail sentence, among other punishments. You will want to seek legal guidance from a skilled criminal defense attorney to guide you through the legal process and help you defend the charges against you. When you seek a criminal defense lawyer, there are some questions you can ask to help you make the decision to choose a specific attorney and law firm.


What is Your Education and Experience?

You will want to choose a criminal defense attorney with experience handling cases that are similar to yours. Find out about the legal education of the attorney, such as when and where they attended law school, as well as how long they have been practicing law. Opt for a lawyer with as much experience handling criminal defense cases as possible.


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What Experience Does Your Firm Have With Criminal Defense Cases?

Not all law firms are alike. Some handle primarily certain types of cases and may only take on criminal defense cases once in a while. That can make it more difficult for the attorney to properly guide your case to a successful conclusion. Look to the website and other sources to learn the types of cases the firm handles.


What Do Clients Say About Your Firm?

You should discuss the case history and successes the lawyer has with cases like yours. You may be able to read testimonials from happy clients. Keep in mind that even if you lose your case, your attorney will be instrumental in helping to seek the lowest possible sentence.



Which Attorney Will Handle My Case?

You will want to meet and talk to the attorney who will handle your case. You may also often talk to paralegals and other assistants throughout the process. Make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney and the team that will work with you on your case. Discuss what to expect when you call the office with a question or concern.


Where is Your Firm Located?

Some law firms offer nationwide legal services. It is often in your best interest to ensure that the law firm is located nearby. You want an attorney who knows and understands the laws of your jurisdiction and is familiar with the local processes. You’ll also want to be able to visit your attorney’s office in a convenient location.


Choosing an attorney to represent you throughout your case is an important decision and one that you should not take lightly. You will need to act quickly because the sooner you involve your criminal defense attorney, the better the outcome is likely to be. You can begin the process by requesting an initial consultation which can often be completed virtually. If you are charged with a crime, contact our skilled Charlotte criminal defense lawyers at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, at (704) 370-2828 to schedule a consultation.






The criminal defense attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC make it their mission to zealously defend their clients on a wide range of criminal matters at both the state and federal levels. These matters may include any charge from traffic offenses; DWI/DUI; drug charges (from simple possession to possession with intent to distribute and trafficking); gun permit denials; weapons offenses; and property crimes (larceny, breaking and entering, robbery, fraud, embezzlement, white collar offenses); to sexually related offenses (indecent exposure; sexual assault, crimes against nature, removal from sex offender registry); and violent crimes (domestic violence; assault; manslaughter; homicide, murder). Other legal issues that Arnold & Smith, PLLC criminal clients may be facing include restraining orders, restraining order and probation violations, expungements; appeals; and immigration issues related to criminal charges. Our criminal defense attorneys are passionate about ensuring that individuals empower themselves by being informed about their constitutional rights and stand at the ready to fight in the defense of those facing criminal charges.



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